NWYLC Testimonials

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Some handwritten testimonials from the 2022 NWYLC.


  • The NWYLC was a great experience that taught me a lot! Being able to attend the conference enabled me to work with other high schoolers on leadership building activities along with getting some awesome field trips. Moreover, while I had a lot of experience leading those much younger than myself  - going back to NWYLC as a counselor to lead and learn from those of my same age. I gained much needed experience that has helped me immensely in my current life. NWYLC was also ome of my first introductions to JROTC and ROTC and I am now a part of Navy ROTC at Duke University where I have utilized the skills I acquired at thr NWYLC . Overall this program has lead to some great friends, memories and leadership skills.

  • Let me just start this off by saying thank you so much for the NWYLC scholarship. I can't even put into words of how grateful I am for this opportunity to learn so man new skills, have so many new experiences, and to make so many new friends in the process. And all this has only occurred within the first two and a half days of the conference. I can't wait to see what the next two days have to offer. I have especially loved all of the team bonding exercises, the guest speakers, and of course the field trips! I had never been to the Capital before, this trip, the architecture  was absolutely magnificent and the history of the building was amazing. As well as learning more of how our state government operates. This has been one of the most memorable youth gatherings I've ever been to. It has been a great experience and I will most definitely be bringing these lesons into my life. I would like to end off by saying once again, thank you so much for this amazing experience and all of the fun that comes along with it.

  • Thank you for the opportunity to attend the NWYLC. I am an incoming senior at Oak Harbor High School's NJROTC. The training I have had these past few days will help me to teach a class of sophomores more effectively. We have sat through numerous incredible speakers; of which, my favorite was Connie Oh. She aided us through many exercises where we solve corporate problems she had encountered in previous jobs. This had us working together and looking at all sides and consequences of a problem We have also participated in many group activities, games, toured the Capital, and toured Joint Base Lewis -McChord. My overall favorite part of the Conference was touring the Capitol. We participated in a mock Washingtom State Supreme Court Trail.( I was a Justice.)  We toured the legislative chambers, the Governor's office, the Secretary of State's office and heard a history of each. We visited the Viet Nam and Korean War Memorials. The Capitol Campus was absolutely beautiful. Olympia and JBLM were great trips,  Once again thank you for the opportunity to attend.

  • I am thanking you for sponsoring me for the NWYLC Program. At first I was not interested and did not think I would learn anything new here. I've met a lot of great future leaders and nice people. I also know the cost for and individual is around $400 - $500 so thank you so much. We also had the honor of having H.R. Huntsman with us, who is a professional motivational speaker. The first night he spoke to us about the five keys he had known in life. All five keys taught me that one should never do things like travel alone if they want to progress in life. Even though its easier to work alone working together gives someone more experience in certain life situations. To expand on that he said "to travel fast travel alone to travel far travel together". The main concept from all the speakers was to never give up and always serve others before yourself. I am applying to come back next year as a counsellor.