Program-Public Safety and Law and Order

Public Safety/Law & Order
Public Safety/Law & Order

Since its inception, MOWW has focused on contributing to a suitable national law and order policy, and honoring those who serve in that arena. Thus, MOWW focuses on all public safety functions that ensure the safety and security of American citizens by supporting and participating in related programs.

MOWW's Public Safety and Law & Order Program also seeks ways for MOWW chapters to enhance maintenance of first responder capabilities within their communities in partnership with local authorities. Thus, chapters gather information on innovations and refinements in law and order, criminal justice operations and first responder activities, and promotes such things in local communities.

Additionally, MOWW formally honors public servants who excel in the law and order arenas in the United States (including Puerto Rico, Guam, the several territories and the District of Columbia). These public servants include all first responder, criminal justice and other comparable officials.

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Public Safety and Law and Order

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