WSPD – Sponsors

Become a Sponsor:

Sponsors are essential patriotic businesses or organizations that donate $500.00 or more to assist in paying the expenses to plan, promote, advertise, and execute Washington State Patriotic Day. These expenses are beyond the support and services provided by our Non-Profit Partners and their non-payed volunteers that do the work to put on this event. Sponsor donations are deductible from their Federal Income Tax as authorized by section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. (We will provide our tax number on our receipt)

We have two levels of sponsorship:  The George Washington Sponsorship or the Benjamin Franklin Sponsorship.

The George Washington Sponsorship is the highest level of sponsorship and is reserved for a single donor that contributes $1,500.00 or more. By doing so this sponsor is listed as the Primary Sponsor of the event on the Sponsor Page and all advertising and social media for the event.

The Benjamin Franklin Sponsorship is for a donor that contributes $500.00 or more.  There can be as many Benjamin Franklin Sponsors as are interested in supporting this deserving event.

All sponsors will receive the following benefits from there sponsorship:

  • Your organization will be included on our “Sponsorship Page” with your Logo (provided by you) as a “Hot Button Link” to your webpage.

  • Your organization’s Logo will be include in the “Event Program” with your website address to be passed out on the day of the event.

  • Our Facebook Page will include a post about your sponsorship including tagging your Facebook Page if you have one.

  • Your company will be provided space at one of the tables in the foyer of the location where the event is held to put information and flyers about your company.

Sponsor logos are listed below:
Click on a Sponsor’s logo will take you to the Sponsor’s website.


Posts about the SPONSOR of the event will appear on our Facebook page:

At the Washington State Patriotic Day Event:

•Sponsor is listed in the event program pamphlet for WASHINGTON STATE PATRIOTIC DAY.

•Sponsor may have table space in the Stadium HS Gymnasium foyer for SPONSOR provided advertising and other appropriate information. Table space request has to be submitted by email to a Fund Raising contact listed below one week before the event.