Program-Scouting Recognition-Chair Guidance

MOWW Puget Sound Chapter
Scouting Outreach Chairman Guidance

MOWW chapters support the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) by recognizing scouting excellence by presenting MOWW's Eagle Scout, Venture Summit Scout and Sea Scout, and Gold Award Certificates of Recognition. Chapters also assist Troops, Groups and Councils in community projects, badge programs, etc.

As an MOWW PSC Scouting Chair you should develop a network of contacts within the Puget Sound Scouting Community to identify you as the point of contact for MOWW Scouting Awards. Scouts and Scout Leaders are eligible for such MOWW Awards as the Bronze and Silver Patrick Henry Award, Youth Medals of Merit, Square Knot Award, Out Reach Service Medal, and Certificates of Accomplishment.

MOWW form 28 guides the Chapter Scouting Chair in the Chapter level functions and provides an overview of the Region, National, and Committee functions. Click the button above.

MOWW form 14 is the report the scouting chair sends to the National Committee Chair by 1 June each year. This form will be competitively evaluated among other chapters by the National Committee for Scouting. Click the button above.

MOWW PSC’s 2021 operating year report.  Click the button above.